• FAQ

    • What if the weather is bad?

      We move rain or shine! It is exceptionally rare that we have had to change a move due to weather and our crew will always work through weather delays to make sure they get the job done as safely as possible!

    • Can you drive my rental truck for me?
      Unfortunately, we cannot drive a rental truck as our crew is not on the contract for your rental and they are not insured to drive the rental vehicle.
    • What forms of payment do you take?
      Cash, check and major credit cards are all accepted.
    • Do you sell packing supplies?
      We sell packing supplies to our customers with a booked move! We carry small, medium, large and wardrobe boxes as well as all of the packing supplies you need.
    • Can you make multiple stops?
      Absolutely! Just let us know all the details when we create your estimate.
    • Will you load/unload my Uhaul and or storage unit?

      We sure will! We offer a "labor only" service where we just send our crew for when you don't need our trucks or storage facilities. Please note that our crew will not be able to drive the Uhaul / rental vehicle as they are not on the rental agreement and will therefore not be insured to operate the vehicle.

    • How far ahead should I book my move?
      While we know not all circumstances surrounding moving happen on a perfect timeline, we recommend calling as soon as you have a moving date and some details available. If possible, at least two - three weeks in advance gives you the best case scenario for having your ideal date available.
    • Do I need to empty my dresser drawers?
      You can leave clothing or linens in the drawers. We do ask that other items be removed and boxed.
    • Will you disconnect my washer/dryer and fridge?

      For insurance reasons, we cannot disconnect appliances and ask that they be disconnected by move day when the crew arrives.

    • When do I pay for my move?
      Your driver will have the total for your move at the end of the completed job.