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Storage Services in McMinnville 

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McMinnville Moving & Storage is a full-service local moving company serving the community for more than 60 years. We offer expert services for all aspects of residential and commercial moving, including storage in McMinnville, Manchester, Shelbyville, Tullahoma, and surrounding communities. Our secure location offers facilities in sizes to meet the requirements of every customer. 

Please contact McMinnville Moving & Storage at (931) 391-3322 for more information about storage services and a free quote. 

Reasons to Use Storage 

Every moving experience and situation is unique. While some moves are simple and require a single day to load everything, move it to the new house, and get the truck unloaded, not every move is that easy. It may become necessary to store some or all of your possessions during the moving process. 

Storage may be needed during a move for: 

  • A new home that isn’t quite ready for moving in
  • Help decluttering during the moving process 
  • Ensuring that your possessions are safe 
  • Items listed for sale 
  • Staging a home for sale 
  • Separating furniture belonging to different people

In some situations, temporary storage may be needed even if you aren’t planning to move to a new home. Large renovations or remodeling projects often require storage. Your furniture and other items can be stored until the renovations are complete and then moved back into your home. This ensures that nothing is damaged or destroyed during the remodeling process. 

Using Storage for Better Organization 

The moving process is the perfect time to get rid of what is no longer needed and pack the things that are most important. McMinnville storage can be extremely helpful during this time. When sorting through your belongings, you can separate items into piles to keep, donate, sell, store, or throw away. Using storage can get things out of the way to give you more room to prepare for moving day. 

Things commonly stored during a move include: 

  • Large household appliances 
  • Furniture 
  • Patio furniture and outdoor items 
  • Seasonal clothing not currently needed 
  • Holiday decorations 
  • Art and other collectibles 
  • Documents and files 
  • Books 

Regardless of your reasons for storage or what you need to be stored, professional movers can help you with packing and moving things in and out of storage. You can use storage for as much or as little as needed to make your moving experience as pleasant and easy as possible. Experienced movers will make sure everything is carefully transported to storage and then on to your new home when you are ready. 

Call for Safe & Secure Storage 

We have McMinnville storage solutions to meet every need. Our secure storage facility offers options for both self-serve and indoor climate-controlled options. We have storage facilities in a variety of sizes with 24-hour access, so you can get to your belongings when needed. We are happy to explain the options and provide free estimates for our packing, moving, and storage services. 

Get in touch with us by telephone at (931) 391-3322 to learn how we can help with every aspect of your move. 

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